Rubicon Ari | North Melbourne | Jan 19th - Feb 5th

Both reflective and immersive in nature, this exhibition invites participants to engage with light, colour and motion from multiple perspectives as they move throughout the space. Drawing participants to immerse themselves in the presence of light and contemplate the luminous essence of their own beings. 


Refractions; invites participants to engage in immersive encounters with fluctuating refractions using light,motion and dichroic sculptures. Throughout the space are various physical and metaphorical representations of the light we carry within, and its mesmerising ability to project unique multicoloured arrays of light across surrounding landscapes. Speaking of transition, crossing thresholds, holding paradox’s, scattered moments and choices of hope amidst darkness - the forming and manifestation of unique light refractions within us as we live out the unknown mysteries of life.

One of the feature participatory works within this series is 'Beaming' which has been supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants. 

The Other Art Fair | Global Virtual Editions Art Fair | Nov 8th -29th

Showcasing 10 works from the Ebb and Flow Collection in the Barker Hargar Room.

Free entry here.