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Space between lights festival | Richmond | 2016

A participatory work that creatively united the community together in an explosion of colour that marked their sense of home, lighting up the corridor windows of building 108 at Richmond housing estate with varying colours that where metaphorical reflections of the individuals living in the estate.

Residents of the estate where invited to partake in a survey, where they were shown seven colours and asked to choose one colour they felt best represented home to them. The colour pallet and ratio across the windows was a direct representation of the survey results from local resistances, with green and purple being the most popular colours associated with a sense of home.

The installation challenged the notion of collective identity, giving residents an opportunity to engage in a sense of belonging and ownership of the space.

Proximity Exhibition | Three O clock gallery | Southgate | 2016

An invitation to explore individual representations of home through colour, light and text. Iterating the work developed for Richmond Housing Estate, Windows to the Soul Southgate provides gallery visitors the opportunity to explore and contemplate their own ideas about home.

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