Ebb & Flow Collection

A collection of lenticular LED wall art pieces by Jasmine Grace.

In constant motion, these pieces reflect the fluctuating nature of life itself and humanity’s ability to embrace its unpredictable nature.

This collection embodies the shifting patterns and cycles that enable us to continuously grow and evolve, despite the unforeseen circumstances that come our way. Light and darkness existing together, without one it is hard to value the other.

My hope is that these works are a reminder that a changing landscape can also be beautiful. May these pieces bring strength and encouragement to those who own them. 



LED lighting, lenticular sheets, acrylic, custom electronics. 

Open Edition - Made to order. 


Standard size 400 x 297 mm 

Custom sizes up to 700mm x 500 mm

For sets of  3 please email for special pricing. 

For Hire please enquire via email.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

The Third Day, North Melbourne - 30th April - 16th of May


Rubicon Ari, North Melbourne - 16th June - 3rd July