Ebb and Flow Zigzag

Ebb and Flow Zigzag


Lenticular LED wall art held in a rectangular frame. Created with constantly fluxtuating patterns and colour pallets. Lenticular layers cause visual shifts and changes from various viewing angles. Comes with a remote and 3 modes to choose from dramatic through to more subtle shifts to suit a range of moods.


This rectagular design also has a slot to swap between various lenticular compositions. These additional sheets can be purchased seperately under 'add on sheets for rectangular frame'. 

  • Specifications

    Custom sizes avail on request up to 720 x 520 mm.

    Please power with 5V phone charger with a usb input such as the current apple charger.  Must be secured to wall with M3 screws. 

    Comes with a 5 year warranty.